Tesla Delivery Checklist Pdf. 7.0) metallic tesla ‘t’/cover on umc cable (reported missing on. The model y delivery checklist, found here, begins by walking through the exterior of the vehicle.

ANOTHER (DELIVERY CHECKLIST) 1Page Version Tesla Motors Club

O confirm the vehicle’s vin matches your paperwork. Web tesla model y delivery checklist. Tesla model y delivery checklist.

You Can Print It Out And Check Mark Items Along The Way, Or Use It On Your Phone / Tablet!

Exterior checks interior checks technical checks Make sure you thoroughly inspect your tesla model y when it's delivered. The checklist requires at least 90 minutes to complete, so ensure you have ample time to do so.

A Physical Paper Copy Of This Tesla Model 3 Delivery Checklist 5.

We show you what to look for. Below is a.pdf taken straight from the tesla owner’s manual. 7.0) metallic tesla ‘t’/cover on umc cable (reported missing on.

Web We Show You What To Look For When Your Inspect Your Tesla Model Y Upon Delivery.

In the video above, i do a walkthrough of this list, showing you exactly what to look for, and here in the blog, you can download the checklist, print, and bring with you on that big day. Web tesla model 3 delivery checklist collection depot: O bring written or digital proof of your down payment having been made and the final payment details o bring a printed insurance card.

We Printed This Out For Ourselves And Laminated The Pages.

Web check all of tesla’s paperwork for the correct name and address for all buyers. O confirm the vehicle's vin matches your paperwork. Web how to transfer tesla reservation in 2023.

A Physical Paper Copy Of Your Down Payment And All Financing Details 4.

Confirm the actual vehicle's vin matches all of your paperwork. A physical paper copy of your signed purchase agreement 3. Web second, you need to be prepared and know what to look for on delivery day so you can leave the lot with your tesla in the best shape possible.