Flange Size Chart Pdf

Flange Size Chart Pdf. Sans 1123 and bs 10/1962 tables d and e as amended 1965 table bs 4504 flanges np = nominal pressure 6, 10, 16, 25, 40 nominal pressure: Web asme b 16.47 series b wnrf flanges 150# nominal pipe size outside diam.

ASME B16.5 Class 400 Flanges Dimensions In MM And Thickness

Flange weights by pressure class and size in mm, kg, pdf. Class 300 flanges to asme b 16.5 weight chart. Diameter of hub of flange.

Pressure Ratings For Api Flanges.

Of race face r bolt circle diameter number of holes diam of holes diam. Common ones include asa / ansi / asme (usa), pn /din (eu), bs10 / bs4504 (british), and jis / ks (japanese / korean). Drilling compatible with as/nzs 4331, bs 4504 & din 2533.

Diameter Of Hub Of Flange.

We comply with all of the certifications needed for your industry. Similarities between api and asme flanges. Please note that the weights provided are approximate and can change based on the specific type of steel used and manufacturing processes.

Of Hub Length Of Flanges Diameter Of R/F Height Of R/F Pcd Bore Of Socket Number Of Bolts (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) 15 90 9.6 30 14 34.9 2 60.3 22.2 4 20 100 11.2 38 14 42.9 2 69.9 27.7 4

Web refer 150 lb weld neck/ blind/ slip on flange dimensions, thickness, size and weight chart size in (mm) od flange thick. Of hole hole dia 15. O thickness wnf c thickness blind c length thru hub y diam.

Bs 10 Table F Flange Supply And Export Network.

Dimension of ansi b16.5 class 600 flange: Web all dimensions are in mm. Web fire protection systems.

Web Data Sheet For Steel Australian & Din Standard Flanges.

Check weight and dimension chart class 150 flange, class 300 flange, class 600 flange, class 900 flange, class 1500 flange, class 2500 flange. Web these diagrams relate to the tables of flange specified dimensions on the following pages. Flange weights are approximate note 3: